The Fontana Mura refuge is located inside the Orsiera-Rocciavrè nature park, at the foot of the Colle della Roussa, a pass that connects Val Sangone with Val Chisone. The refuge takes its name from the source of the Sangone river, (originally Fontana Moura) that flows near the structure. It is located at 1726 m above sea level and is located in Alpe Sellery Superiore, and can only be reached on foot or by mountain bike from the start of the road-agro-silvo-pastorale near the town of Pian Neiretto, after Forno di Coazze.

Located on the GTA hiking trails, it is also an excellent base to climb over 2000 m (Colle della Roussa) and discover the fascinating paths between the peaks of the Park with its spectacular lakes, Rouen (2391 m), Sottano and Soprano (2200 m ca)


Situato sui tracciati escursionistici GTA,  è inoltre un’ottima base per salire sopra i 2000 m (Colle della Roussa) e scoprire gli affascinanti sentieri tra le vette del Parco  con i suoi spettacolari laghi, Rouen (2391 m), Sottano e Soprano (2200 m c.a)


Ciaspolata with lunch at the refuge with D'uma C'anduma

Saturday, February 2, 2019 Technical Data Difficulty: 2 feet height difference (m): 600 Development (km): 12 distance (h): 2 (approx) max altitude: 1726 departure: Pian Neiretto suitable for all types of walkers in good shape […]