About us

We are Fabrizio and Claudia, a few years ago we undertook a profession that allowed us to turn Europe, we met people, places and cultures different from ours. For a long time, however, we felt a feeling of nostalgia for the origins, perfumes and colors of our lands, places too often forgotten by "we young". The Portuguese call it "Saudagi", perhaps we could simply translate it nostalgia. We decided to undertake this new adventure, we left our safe jobs and we threw ourselves with our hearts in our new life, ready to make you discover and rediscover the fascination of the mountain and nature.

 From 1st August 2015 we manage this beautiful refuge in a lovely valley. We are fond of sport, of nature and of cooking, but above all we are lovers of tradition, of simple but well done things, of that little but good, concepts that have hundreds of years behind us and that we are ready to learn but also to dispense.