Ciaspolata with lunch at the refuge with D'uma C'anduma

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Technical Data Difficulty: 2 feet height difference (m): 600 Development (km): 12 distance (h): 2 (approx) max altitude: 1726 departure: Pian Neiretto suitable for all types of walkers in good shape and health meeting will be communicated only to participants in the excursion to Closing of the inscription that takes place Thursday evening at 18.00 Lunch €20 (mixed starters, mixed mix, sweets, coffee and wine included) to be welded directly to the shelter clothing waterproof boots, snowshoes, canteen and/or Thermos, Clothing in relation to the season, any spare parts, gloves and hat participation share accompaniment and organization: €15. Attention! Any cancellations received beyond 18 o'clock on Thursdays will, however, result in the payment of the entire fee. For

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