Who we are


We are Claudia Fea and Fabrizio Marino, 35 and 37 years old, both architects, got our degrees in 2009 at the Politecnico di Torino. After working in Italy in a number of architectural firms we moved to Barcelona and then to Berlin, looking for new working experiences. In Germany we both found work as architects with good conditions and long term contracts. After three years we realized that the office life and the everyday life were not so good after all, so we considered moving back to Italy, embracing good food and a completely new working field.


Totally randomly we hear that someone was looking for new managers for a refuge located in Val Sangone, just a glance and in a few months we cancelled our contracts in Berlin and we were ready to begin a new adventure. After working hard for over a month, on August 1st 2015 we open the Rifugio Fontana Mura. At first it was hard, but with time passing we got used to it and we knew that we made the right choice. Thanks to our past as architects we were able to take care of graphics, publicity and technical issues autonomously and to build clients and reputation.

Dopo quattro anni di vita la Fontana Mura, abbiamo deciso di partecipare al bando pubblico per la gestione del rifugio Palazzina Sertorio, la struttura ricettiva posta sulla stessa pista agro-silvo pastorale che conduce al rifugio.


Architect, mountain lover, cyclist and former basketball pro: the face of the refuge, she manages reservations, websites, events, the client side of restoration and she cooks our delicious desserts. If you smell cakes and sports, the she's around!



Architetto, amante della bici e dei motori: il dietro del rifugio, gestione della logistica e della progettazione e  della cucina, quando c'è da guidare qualcosa, qualsiasi cosa, lui c'è. Ha sempre le mani in pasta!!