Tracking King Vittorio Emanuele II...


The Rifugio Fontana Mura is located inside the natural park of Orsiera-Rocciavrè, just beneath the Col della Roussa, pass that connects Val Sangone with Val Chisone. The refuge is named after the Sangone river source, originally Fontana Moura, close to the building. It is located at 1726 m of altitude, the locality is called Alpe Sellery Superiore, and it can be only reached on foot or cycling taking the mountain road that starts in Pian Neiretto, after passing Forno di Coazze.

Situated on GTA hiking trails, it's a good starting point to get over 2000m and discover the fascinating trails tha go around the park peaks and the spectacular alpine lakes Rouen (2391m), Sottano(2200m,), Soprano(2200m).

The refuge was built in the early 90s on top of the remains of the old mountain pasture, of which only two little structures remained. During a storm, King Vittorio Emanuele II found shelter in one of these structures during one of his hunting parties.

The refuge was damaged by an avalanche in 2009 and rebuilt in 2011. Nowadays it is divided in two rooms, that can accomodate up to 11 guests; the rooms have an independent access on the upper floor terrace. At the ground floor guests can find a dining room big enough for 30 people and a small porch. The refuge is equipped with a photovoltaic system that can keep on the lights in case of emergency, and employs a small hydroelectric plant, shared with other structures.

Our refuge, surrounded by mountains, suedes and groundhogs, dominated by eagles, allows you to look from above and stay out of the daily rush for some time.

A familiar place, a traditional cuisine, using the best ingredients all year round, for a lunch or a dinner or a good talk in front of a piece of cake, a good resting moment in our small but cozy rooms. You can find all this up here.