There are several routes with different degrees of difficulty and height difference. Starting from the classic itinerary with 700 m of altitude difference on the false line of the summer one, which leads up to the Refuge, up to Mount Bocciarda or for the more experienced to Punta Loson.

These are all itineraries that offer the possibility of abandoning the stressful rhythm of everyday life to immerse yourself completely in the intact charm of the whitewashed and silent nature, out of the world and out of time.

Ski mountaineering evokes ancient experiences and offers the opposite sensations of its dual nature: first the slow and incessant climbing with sealskins, then the descent, liberating and adrenalin-fueled, but always respectful of the landscape and attentive to the strict safety regulations that these activities require.

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Colle della Roussa-Curbasiri-Bocciarda

rising-graphDifference in altitude: 1100 m       mountain  Altitude at arrival: 2201 m      hiking-boot   Difficulty: BS

From the refuge continue towards Colle della Roussa, over steep slopes. Once you reach the pass, follow the wide ridge towards Punta Curbasiri at 2214m, (you can also decide to avoid the peak by passing to the left if conditions allow it) with a short loss of altitude, continue to Mount Bocciarda (2201 m ) until you get to the Alpino of sheet metal. Descent into the north valley to be done in safe snow conditions and paying attention to cross the Sangone when snow is scarce.



Colle della Roussa- Punta Loson

rising-graphDifference in altitude: 1480 m       mountain  Altitude at arrival: 2650 m      hiking-boot   Difficulty: BSA

From the refuge continue towards Colle della Roussa, over steep slopes. Once you have reached the hill, continue with an ascending cut along the steep southwestern sides of the Punta dell'Ila and Altitude 2347. You reach the bottom of the lonely valley of the Forche over a rocky ridge 2150m. Climb along the valley reaching the solitary basin of Lake Rouen 2380m. From the lake, depending on the conditions, you have different possibilities. Climb the central slope to the elegant ski point 2635m. Climb to the 2548m col located between Monte delle Plate and Punta Loson and, following the South, South-West ridge, you will reach the top. Follow the steep slopes on the right and the South, South-East ridge. For the real summit continue on foot with an exposed and delicate path along a ridge and the terminal jump (15min).